Almost every week, Crossroads loads a container with donated goods bound for nations all over the world to provide help for communities and the groups that serve them. Find out where our current shipments are headed, and read the story behind every container.

Uganda, 22nd February 2019

Cameroon, 11th January 2019

Zambia, 14th December 2018

Iraq, 7th December 2018

Sierra Leone, 30th November 2018

Ghana, 23rd November 2018

Zambia, 10th November 2018

Uganda, 5th November 2018

The Gambia, 12th September 2018

Cameroon, 11th September 2018

Cameroon, 29th August 2018

Papua New Guinea, 11th August 2018

Cambodia, 4th August 2018

Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong

A Taste of Inequality

140 students from Diocesan Girls’ School had a taste of inequality when they did our ...

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Moldova: Supporting ‘orphaned’ children

Most kids in Moldova’s orphanages are not orphans, technically. Their parents, struggling ...

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Ethiopia: The Medical Challenge

In Ethiopia, people in remote regions may walk 150 kilometres to their nearest hospital. ...

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Caring for abused children in Vietnam

Many have read the unforgettable story of Christina Noble. She lived in dire poverty as a ...

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