Zambia: Helping prisoners and their families


The NGO we are shipping to has worked closely with more than 20,000 prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families in Zambia. To prisoners, they give counsel and support, as well as meeting material needs.

Then, for those who are released, they help with advice, counsel, and small business loans to help people start afresh. Children and families of prisoners are often left deeply impoverished, and sometimes shunned themselves. Our partners care for their needs with clothes, blankets and other necessities, as well as financial help for schooling.

This is Crossroads’ second shipment to these partners. They are now building a “halfway house” where former prisoners can find training in agriculture, metal fabrication, electrical skills and tailoring. Our shipment will include goods to support this new project, supplies of goods for distribution, as well as administration of their programmes.

This shipment will include:

  • Computers for their administration offices
  • Clothing and household accessories for the ongoing work with children and families

Besinate’s Story

Besinate is one of the graduates of our partners’ training centre. She’s gone from being fully dependent on her parents to being self-employed, with ambitions to grow her tailoring business, specialising in women’s clothes and children’s school uniforms. She loves providing this service to her community while earning an income that can lift her out of poverty.

This shipment will include appliances, furniture and other goods to equip programmes like the training centre that helped Besinate and hundreds of others.

Distribution of toys, clothes, and shoes to children of prisoners and ex-prisoners living in poverty. 

Life in a Zambian prison can be a dismal experience. Our partners offer counselling, advice, medical care and support to the prisoners themselves and to prisoners’ families. Often families lose their primary breadwinner when a father and husband is imprisoned. 

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Zambia snapshot


Population: 19.47 million (2021)
Capital: Lusaka

Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, with a sub-tropical climate. More than 61% (2015) of Zambia’s population earn less than the international poverty line of $2.15 per day.