StudentCrossroads Foundation recruits students from universities and colleges to participate in its unique, annual internship programme.  Students are given the opportunity to be assistant managers in each of our many departments and to help in the running of those departments.  The students in these roles will be able to work with all types of people from around the world while gaining vital, real-world English-environment work experience.

Roles available include working in fields such as communications & vision, accounting, administration, processing goods for distribution, shipping, computing, catering and hospitality and fair trade commerce.


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Students commit to a six-week, full-time service period. The work week is Tuesday through Saturday, from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  Interns will need to complete a full six week internship to receive a reference and certificate. Contact us for more details at or to sign up, click here.

First intake: June 6th – July 15th 2017

Second intake: July 11th – August 19th 2017


Internships take place at the Crossroads site, opposite Gold Coast, near Tuen Mun in the New Territories.

Watermelon Festival 2012 (121)How:

You must attend an induction to apply for the internship.  This day will allow you to familiarise yourselves with Crossroads and the objectives for this programme as well as sit for a short interview.  Students will then be notified a few weeks later as to whether they have been accepted and to which department they have been placed.  Upon completion of 6 weeks, each student will receive a certificate as well as a letter of reference from Crossroads.  These will be given out at the student party at the end of the internship period or upon finishing the programme.

If you have any questions, or to begin the application process, click here.

Note: Students who are not in Hong Kong at the time of the induction interviews may complete their interviews online. Contact us for more details.

What other interns have to say!

“Working at Crossroads is wonderful because of the sense of the community. Each time I come, I feel fulfilled that I have accom­plished something!”


“It is incredibly satisfying to get up each day and know that everything you do will in some way help someone – that is job satisfaction!”


“The job nature was interesting and I wanted to have some community service experience.”

Interview with Jack – former Crossroads Intern

How long did your internship in Crossroads last for and what was your position? I worked there for 9 weeks; my re­sponsibilities were collecting dona­tions and unloading trucks.

Why did you choose to work in Crossroads but not a part-time job? I picked it from the information sys­tem offered by the Faculty of Business. I think the job nature was interesting and I want to have some community service experience.

Did you have any unforgettable moments at Crossroads? Sure. The simulation games like the paper bag game inspired me a lot. I have also made some friends there and we are still keeping in touch!

Were your English oral skills im­proved after working at Cross­roads? Some, because Crossroads is a unique workplace that people come from dif­ferent places e.g. Canada, Africa, etc. The feeling is special when we worked together.

Tell me more about the internship. Are there any interviews or special sessions we have to know about? Yes, the briefing is a must-go-session as it is like a tour to show how they work. You will also know about dif­ferent departments and the kinds of things to do. So it is crucial to join the briefing.

Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong

Apply for an internship!

Click here to start the application process.

Apply for an internship!

Click here to start the application process.

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