We are always in need of people to help us help others. In particular, a range of skilled volunteers are needed, with requirements and time commitments listed below.

If you’re able to fill any of these roles, please contact us at volunteer@crossroads.org.hk or fill in the volunteer sign up form here.

Barista skills or a willingness to learn. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months.

With the Global X-perience educational side of our work continuing to expand and grow, we are in need of a person to focus on the curriculum development for students. This full time position requires a person with the following attributes:

• fluent in English and Chinese language
• a strong background and experience in working with students and youth
• be skilled and experienced in researching, gathering, analysing statistics and global trends of poverty and other global issues
• be skilled in developing new simulation programme curriculum to adapt to changing global situations, updating the facts and statistics supporting each current simulation
• be competent with handling substantial amounts of administration, including researching and writing reports, data entry, liaising with schools and corporate and civic groups to schedule programmes which meet their needs
• be able to facilitate the planning, organisation, resourcing, equipping and implementation of the various simulation activities for students and youth
• ability to develop bi-lingual curriculum around these issues for delivery to families

Minimum commitment: full time for 1 year.

Retail experience. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
HK licence and experience. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
HK licence and experience. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
Experience would be great but a willingness to learn would be enough! Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
HK licensed. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
For some basic construction, painting (unsupervised ideally) and also some creative input. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
HK licensed. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
HK licensed. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months
We’re seeking a graphic designer with excellent skills in InDesign or other layout software to lay out our Annual Report and other brochures. Minimum commitment: project based or regular work according to time available
No experience necessary! Just a willingness to help manage a goods processing room. Minimum commitment: Two days a week for 3-6 months

Strong written, bi-lingual skills with a customer service background for our GoodCity App. Minimum commitment: 2 days onsite training followed by remote volunteering.

We are looking for volunteers who might be able to help with online tasks for our GoodCity project. Know someone who has customer service experience (eg hospitality, retail or entertainment industry experience which includes an understanding of how to interact with and “delight” customers)? They need to be bi-lingual in English and Chinese.

Time commitment:

  • Attend Crossroads for two days of ‘on the job training’. Training includes:
    • reviewing offers of donated goods alongside our team
    • understanding the entire process of goods handling so they can answer questions
    • detailed training of GoodCity apps
    • learning how we define a good customer experience
  • Volunteering regularly from their mobile phone or computer. Time commitment can vary between a few hours a week (enough to handle a dozen or so donation cases) to as much time as the volunteer is willing to assist (providing top quality customer service to hundreds of donors would be a full-time job!) The main requirement is not for a certain time commitment but, rather, a commitment to ensure that each donation case the volunteer handles is carried through to a satisfactory conclusion.
Strong language and organisation skills, and an interest to learn more about NGOs across Hong Kong and the globe, required to assist our Communications team. Minimum commitment: 5 days a week, 1+ years
Skilled and experienced translators/writers. A test would be required and if successful, they would work in a remote group responding to group requests.

Catering Assistant: Experience cooking for large numbers of people. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months.

Catering Manager: Overseeing the food and beverage aspects of Crossroads’ operations, including the main canteen, food supplies and donations, liaising with our social enterprise partners regarding food packages for group bookings. Minimum commitment: Full time for 12 months.

Experienced receptionist with friendly attitude, experience running phone systems and bi-lingual abilities. Minimum commitment: One day a week for 6 months

Crossroads runs a variety of simulations to raise awareness on global issues through experiential learning. Participants include students, corporates, community groups etc. We invite you to join the Global X-perience cast to help in our simulations. If you:

  • live in Hong Kong
  • are confident in acting and drama
  • are fluent in English or Cantonese or both
Get a free workout at Crossroads! We’re seeking strong and able volunteers to pack, load, lift and sweat for a good cause.


Please find our various other volunteering options here.

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