Global Distribution

Where need meets resource

Crossroads’ Global Distribution provides aid for relief and development in over 90 countries, as well as in Hong Kong, our headquarters.

Welfare: In Hong Kong, we actively support the Social Welfare Department and a wide range of NGOs in providing help to individuals and families living in vulnerable circumstances.

Development: Our humanitarian aid is targeted towards entrenched poverty. We redistribute quality goods donated by the Hong Kong community to NGOs, in over 95 countries, who have applied to us with details of their needs and development plans. Follow up and feedback provide ways for all of us to track the effectiveness of the distribution and the sustainability of its outcomes.

Relief: Crossroads’ Global Distribution also addresses major disasters. We target disaster reduction, prepositioning and response, seeking to comply with Sphere Standards in Humanitarian Response to ensure best practice.

Global Distribution is a crossroads between need and resource.

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Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong

Shipment Stories

Almost every week, Crossroads loads a container with donated goods bound for nations all over the world to provide help for communities and the groups that serve them. Find out where our current shipments are headed, and read the story behind every container.

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