Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation. Our goal is to connect people in a broken world. As our name suggests, we try to be a crossroads: bringing together those in need and those who can help. We do so in four ways.

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: Where need meets resource

We are donated excellent quality goods by business and private donors. We distribute these to people in need, in Hong Kong and around the world.  More

GLOBAL HAND: Partnering for a better world 

Global Hand is a match-making service which links for-profit and non-profit organisations who want to partner to help meet global need.  More

GLOBAL X-PERIENCE: Stepping into another’s shoes 

We offer simulation x-periences in which participants step, briefly, ‘into the shoes’ of people facing global challenges: war, poverty, HIV vulnerability, blindness, environmental challenges, hunger, etc. More  

GLOBAL HANDICRAFTS: Fair trade for a fairer world

Aid helps people today. An income helps them tomorrow. Global Handicrafts Marketplace sells goods from people in need within Hong Kong, and around the world, on a fair trade basis. More


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