The Hong Kong Observatory  has a signals system to help keep people safe during severe weather. You can check to see if a typhoon or rain signal has been hoisted at

When does Crossroads stay open?

Crossroads remains open during a T1 or T3 typhoon  and during Amber and Red rain warnings.

When does Crossroads close due to weather?

Crossroads is closed when:

  1. a Typhoon Signal No.8 (T8) or above is issued or in effect;
  2. the Hong Kong Observatory announces that a T8 or above will be issued (a Typhoon Signal Pre-8); or
  3. a Black Rainstorm Warning signal is issued or in effect.

Signal Issued, Announced or in Effect: 7 am – 12 noon
All morning programmes are cancelled.

Signal Issued, Announced or in Effect: 12:01 pm or after
All afternoon programmes are cancelled.

A few additional notes:

  • Notwithstanding the above, if the school or class participating in a Global X-perience simulation or volunteer programme has officially cancelled its session(s) within two hours of the scheduled programme, or the EDB announces that schools are to close, any scheduled programme will also be cancelled.
  • In the event that after a T8 or Black Rainstorm Warning signal is lowered or cancelled (1) there is significant physical damage to the Crossroads site, (2) road conditions in a storm aftermath would make accessing the Crossroads site in a timely manner challenging, or (3) a key facilitator of a scheduled programme is unable to return to the Crossroads site in a timely manner, Crossroads reserves the right to contact the participating organization to reschedule the scheduled programme.

Hong Kong weather updates are available via the Hong Kong Observatory’s automated telephone service (2835 1473) or via

The safety of all our volunteers and visitors is important to us! If you should have further questions, please email or call our main number at +852 2984 9309

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