Volunteers form the backbone of Crossroads’ work. From our kitchen manager to our clothing processing team, from our directors to our receptionists, all of our full time and part time team work without salary or remuneration.

Our full time staff have come from a wide range of countries: Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, UK, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe. These are some of the most dedicated individuals we know.

They undergo a thorough and extensive application process in order to join the team, involving in-depth understanding of their life history. Willing for due diligence, they also permit us to make a careful background check by speaking with referees who have known them for a minimum of five years. Given our work with the public, we cannot accept any of unsuitable background, such as inappropriate behaviour or a criminal record. We are very impressed by the moral character and deep dedication of our team.

We are also very grateful for the talents they bring. We have experts in IT, communication, design, accounting, engineering, construction, administration, management, education and more. We find it amazing that such highly skilled people, rather than pursuing a career with monetary reward, choose to pour out their lives without salary. Even more surprising is the fact that they actually raise their own funds to cover their personal accommodation and living expenses at Crossroads. This is a reflection of their heart of compassion for people in need and a desire to serve, even at personal cost.

Crossroads has seen significant longevity of service. Approximately 25% of our full time staff have served between 1 to 5 years, a further 25% have served for more than 5 years and 10% more than 10 years. Some have used part of their time to take further study in non-profit management, economic growth in developing countries, relevant IT systems or other fields as part of their commitment to a career in the humanitarian sector. They are therefore very serious about making a difference in a world of need.

Diversity of age, genders and abilities

Crossroads is an inclusive work environment. We provide a workspace where men and women have equal opportunity for advancement. Working parents have considerable flexibility in their work schedule and on site care or schooling is offered for the children of full time staff.

We have people of all ages volunteering at Crossroads: school students, university students, young singles/couples, families, middle aged singles/couples and retirees. No one is too young, nor too old, to help. Older full time staff are invited to work reduced hours, in accordance with their health and physical ability.

Crossroads has volunteers with differing physical and intellectual abilities, and strives to offer an inclusive, supportive and accessible environment for all.

Hours served by community volunteers

Each year, we typically see around 6000 people clock up, incredibly, over 100,000 hours of volunteer service. Crossroads’ community volunteers more than double the effectiveness of our full time team, and we could not do the work of Crossroads without their massive effort.

We give a standing ovation to all our incredible volunteers!


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