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For women in the Cambodian countryside, there are many reasons not to seek medical help. Usually, there simply aren’t clinics and hospitals in their area with the specialised help they need, but they can also feel embarrassed or confused about what’s going wrong with their bodies, particularly when it relates to reproductive health.

We are preparing a shipment to a brand new women’s hospital in Cambodia that wants to offer affordable care to any women that need it. The hospital building is in its final stages now, and they’re starting to train staff. They hope to offer not just treatment, but also educational programmes in preventing common health problems for women, and to establish mobile units that can travel out to areas that lack medical facilities. Their specialized cancer treatment centre will be one of only three in the nation.

Shipment will include:
  • Furniture such as lecture chairs and reclining chairs
  • Computers and accessories
  • Spotlights and sound equipment
  • Medical furniture, supplies and stationery


Yea is 55 years old and has been ill for two years – she has a lump in her abdomen that has swollen to the size of a basketball. Yea is taking herbal medicine, which is having little effect on her condition, but she can’t hope to afford the travel and expenses of a hospital stay. Our partners plan to set up mobile clinics that can visit and help women like Yea in their home villages.



Sokleang lives in a Cambodian village and she is losing her battle with breast cancer. Like many women in rural areas, she had no way of accessing the specialised treatment she needed to beat the disease, or to live more comfortably with it.

When Crossroads’ partners visited Sokleang, they found it heartbreaking to know they couldn’t yet help, as their planned hospital is still under construction.

“In one village of 260 families we have 15 women in various end stages of losing their lives to diseases which I am helpless to change,” said the founder. “It is painful to meet with them empty-handed.”

This hospital will be a source of hope for women like Sokleang, who are suffering through diseases that can be managed and treated, or even prevented.

Our shipment will include goods like furniture, electrical equipment and medical supplies to fit out the hospital, helping bring it to life.

Work is nearly finished on the interior of the hospital, as they prepare to open and start welcoming patients.

A projection of the hospital as it will look when completed. Currently, they are putting finishing touches on the building, and working hard to train staff.

Crossroads’ shipment will help fill the building with furniture and equipment.


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Cambodia Snapshot

Population: 16.2 million
Capital: Phnom Penh
Official language: Khmer

Recent decades have seen impressive economic growth in Cambodia, as the nation battled to recover from a civil war that ended in the early 90s, but poverty is still a major challenge. “The poverty rate dropped from 52.2 to 20.5 percent, but the majority of these people escaped poverty only slightly: they remain highly vulnerable—even to small shocks—which could quickly bring them back into poverty,” said a 2013 World Bank report. People in rural areas are particularly vulnerable, many still living a subsistence lifestyle.

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