The civil war in Sierra Leone ended in 2002 but recovery has been slow, with much of the infrastructure destroyed.  More recently, the Ebola epidemic which swept through West Africa in 2014 has brought a new set of problems, with families and livelihoods at risk. More than 80 percent of the population work in agriculture, yet basic necessities such as seeds for growing food continue to be expensive and difficult to source.

Our partner on this shipment is an NGO that offers assistance to those who have suffered in crises or conflicts. They believe that a multi-pronged approach is the best way to make progress and so they provide a health clinic, a school, a vocational training centre, an orphanage, an agricultural training programme and a food programme. Part of the food programme ensures that farmers have access to good quality seeds so that they can plant and harvest crops for themselves and their community.

This shipment will provide much-needed resources to equip and expand the capacity of their programmes, so they can reach out with help to more in their community.


At 11 years of age, Abraham (right) and his brother lost both their parents to the Ebola virus. Because of the stigma and fear associated with the disease the two boys were shunned by their community and left to fend for themselves. Crossroads’ partners took the boys in and provided them with a home, three meals  a day and  places in school. Abraham explains that “this assistance has helped us greatly and is helping us to forget our past.”

This shipment will help support to children like Abraham and his brother with their immediate needs, and longer term needs like schooling and health.


Ishatu lost her husband to the Ebola epidemic and became the sole breadwinner and carer to her five children. They struggled without money and had very little to eat. Crossroads’ partners stepped in and provided Ishatu with assistance that ensured her five children could go back to school. “When Ebola hit we lost everything, we lost our loved ones and our sense of community,” Ishatu says,  “But now we are hopeful that things will return to normal as we try to recover and get on with our lives.”

This shipment will include goods to equip family programmes to help our partners continue to support people like Ishatu and her five children.

The Ebola crisis caused 1,259 deaths in Sierra Leone but aside from the human cost, the outbreak severely eroded the economy. Many people now rely on aid and support for basic necessities. 


Two-thirds of Sierra Leone’s population rely on subsistence farming for their income accounting for 58% of GDP (see main image below).


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Sierra Leone Snapshot

Population: 7 million
Capital: Freetown

Sierra Leone is situated on the Atlantic coast in West Africa. It has a diverse environment ranging from savannah to rainforests. The country is resource rich, with diamonds being key to its long-term economic success. The country was devastated by a civil war which destroyed much of the infrastructure and, more recently, struck by the Ebola outbreak causing another humanitarian crisis. Almost 70% of the population live in poverty and 26% of children have to work to earn a living.

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