In the Bundibugyo District of Western Uganda, young people face a number of challenges. The treacherous mountainous terrain makes accessing services such as schools and health centres difficult, a problem compounded during the rainy season when severe flooding wreaks havoc on local homes and infrastructure. The educational opportunities of many children and young people are also further hampered by widespread poverty and a lack of necessary resources such as books, stationery, uniforms and even shoes.

Our NGO partners in the region are local Ugandans working to address these challenges, striving to ensure that every child has the opportunity to attend classes and build a brighter future for themselves. As well as running a school and education programme, which already has over 500 students, our partners are working in local communities to educate families about best practice in proper nutrition, health care, and the prevention of child labour – all while contributing to disaster relief efforts following regular floods and civil unrest.

As part of this shipment we are sending school supplies and furniture, which will equip classrooms and improve the quality of lessons. We are also sending uniforms and clothes to help replace what was lost during the flooding, and we are sending toys and games which will ensure more children get to live their lives fully and enjoy them as they should.


After Bashir’s father died he was left to live alone with his mother who, sadly, was unable to take care of him due to severe mental health issues. As a result Bashir was never enrolled in school and began effectively living as an orphan.

Our partners met Bashir and saw the help they could provide to him and his mother.

They took Bashir into their school and began to seek psychological support for his mother. Bashir is now a healthy and successful student who has graduated from our partner’s school to join Bamadu Secondary School (above), and his mother is receiving the help she needs to live a dignified and independent life.

Without shipments like the one we are sending, the facilities would not exist to help people like Bashir and his mother. This shipment will include goods to ensure that all students can have the opportunity be as successful, and happy, as Bashir.

Flood damage which has destroyed a home in a local Bundibugyo village


Following recent severe rains and flooding there is a pressing need for support in rebuilding local infrastructure


This shipment will help our partners expand their services in various ways, including:

  • Engaging a social worker, to become more involved with family support services in local communities
  • Establishing a school sick bay, with nurses who can handle both health education and emergencies
  • Building dormitories, so students who struggle to commute to school are able to stay there whilst they complete their studies



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Uganda Snapshot

Population: 42.6 million
Capital: Kampala
Population living on less than US$1.95 per day: 34.6%

Uganda is a landlocked nation with diverse terrain and abundant wildlife.

Although enjoying relative stability and economic growth compared to its neighbours, Uganda has struggled to cope with regional natural disasters and armed insurgencies for decades.

Across Uganda there are issues with access to educational facilities and healthcare centres, with rural regions most greatly affected. This results in a low student enrolment rate and a lack of opportunity for young people.

Source: World Bank, UNICEF and BBC

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