AIDs X-perience Result Card

Thank you for participating in the AIDS X-perience.

It is beyond our ability to convey the true agony of this modern-day plague, but through these stories based on true life experiences, we have sought to foster a deepened compassion for those who suffer from HIV/AIDs. The number of people affected demands a response

Because of HIV/AIDs:

  • 40.4 million people have died since the start of the epidemic
  • Around 1.3 million new infections every year
  • 630 000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2022
  • Every year around 90 000 children die because of HIV
  • As of 2022, 11 641 people get diagnostic with HIV within Hong Kong

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You take a moment to read our suggestions, below, as to how you can make a difference for those living with HIV/AIDS today.

Need Help?

  • The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation Free anonymous testing, counselling, and a hotline from Monday-Friday, 9:00-13:00, 14:00-17:30, and services for people living with HIV.
  • AIDS Concern Free anonymous testing and self-test kits, sexual health education, and helpline. Social and medical services for people living with HIV.
  • The Society for AIDS Care (SAC) Home care, rehabilitation, and counselling services for people living with HIV.
  • The Virtual AIDS Office of Hong Kong Free anonymous testing, helplines, health services for people living with HIV. 

Offer Help in Hong Kong

  • AIDS Concern: Outreach prevention for vulnerable groups and support services for people with HIV/AIDS. Donate or volunteer here!
  • Avert: Global HIV/AIDS charity. Avert HIV/AIDS through education, treatment and care. Click here to donate!
  • Action for REACH OUT (AFRO): Support network for women in the commercial sex industry in HK, including those coming to HK from other countries. Donate or volunteer here!
  • Chi Heng Foundation: Education and care for children and adults impacted by AIDS; AIDS prevention and anti-discrimination. Donate or volunteer here! 
  • Community Health Organization for Intervention, Care and Empowerment (CHOICE): STD prevention, education, and empowerment. Building networks for vulnerable communities. Reducing at-risk behaviors or harm to individuals. Donate or volunteer here!
  • The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation: Enhance awareness, provide services for those infected or otherwise affected, and promote care and support for PLHIV/AIDS. Donate or volunteer here!
  • The KELY Support Group: Inform, empower, and build peer support in young people. Safe, nonjudgmental environment. Guidance to explore concerns facing teens today. Donate or volunteer here!
  • The Society for AIDS Care (SAC): Professional care services for children, adults, and elderly living with HIV/AIDS and their care-givers. Donate, volunteer or shop their charitable sales here!
  • The Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS): Leads and inspires the world in achieving universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. Donate or view internships here!
  • UNICEF: Works with world leaders and grassroots villages. Find expertise, support, logistical coordination and innovation toward ending the epidemic for children and their mothers. Donate or volunteer here!

Offer Help Abroad

Support businesses that help people at risk or affected by sex trafficking

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