If your company is interested in furthering your Corporate Social Responsibility focus, you may be interested in a range of activities with us.

Simulation xperiences

In these, participants do not hear a talk or watch a movie about global issues. They ‘x-perience’ them, through simulation. Many companies choose programmes which tie in with their corporate agenda. Afterwards they explore ways their company’s core strengths can be aligned with the relevant global concerns. Full range here.

Volunteer opportunities

Would your company like to volunteer with us? We have skilled and unskilled volunteering opportunities available. More info here.


Your company may be interested in

Developing corporate partnerships

See examples of how others have developed corporate partnerships with Crossroads.

Charles – Corporate donor turns volunteer

When Charles retired as General Manager of Columbia in Hong Kong, it was time for a change. During a company volunteering day he had seen substantial donations of clothing given to Crossroads, so it seemed
a logical idea to join us as a regular community volunteer. “I strongly believe I’ve received a lot from society. I wanted to do community service, to pay it back, and Crossroads was at the top of my list. The opportunities here suited my abilities and experience”, he said. Now, Charles volunteers on our partnerships team helping Hong Kong companies partner with Crossroads with donated gifts and services. His skills and experience are invaluable!