Corporate Team Build

Would your corporation like to volunteer with us? Companies do so in different ways.

  • Unskilled volunteering. Some companies request volunteering opportunities in which their staff participate in general activities such as painting, repairs, cleaning, packing, container-loading etc.
  • Skilled volunteering. Some companies request volunteering opportunities which draw on their core skills. E.g. engineering, HR, design, medical (equipment checking), translation, IT, etc. In this case, volunteers may serve as a group or make their time available on an individual basis, whether at our venue or in their offices.

To arrange your time with Crossroads, please contact our staff:

Note: X-perience global need? When you come, you are also welcome to help inspire your team through a simulation x-perience of global issues. In these programmes, participants don’t just hear a talk or watch a video on need. They step ‘into the shoes’ of those who suffer, through powerful simulation. Many companies book them along with volunteering activities.  More

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“For corporate volunteering, Crossroads makes it extremely easy to get involved as they are very organized, which is important for large groups!” – Google, Hong Kong


Want to volunteer as an individual? Fill out our online form and we will be in touch!