About Global X-perience

The proverb says, ‘I can’t understand a man unless I walk a mile in his shoes.’

Participants in our ‘Global X-perience’ programmes don’t simply hear a talk or watch a video about a world in need. They briefly step ‘into the shoes’, through simulation, of those who suffer. We offer simulation x-periences of poverty, war, HIV/AIDS vulnerability, blindness in poor nations, water challenges and many more issues. Full list here.

Microsoft_BastiGlobal X-perience and the corporate sector

Many companies participate in simulation x-periences in conjunction with their Corporate Social Responsibility and similar programmes. In response, companies are looking for ways to develop their policies with programmes meaningful to their industry sector, core competencies and employee interests. Our programmes place strong emphasis on debriefing after the x-periences:

  • discussing ways they can use their expertise to engage with global need
  • brainstorming re corporate social footprint
  • exploring projects/partnership possibilities with which they may engage
  • service opportunities at Crossroads

Global X-perience and educational institutions

Struggle for Survival 2

Schools and universities are placing increasing emphasis on developing global citizenship. In pursuing this goal, they find experiential learning particularly appropriate as simulation programmes engage not only the head but also the heart.

Crossroads’ experiential programmes support schools and universities as they seek to create global citizens and raise students’ awareness of world need.

  • Supporting the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum Read more.
  • Supporting International Baccalaureate/International School Programmes
    Read more.

We offer simulations not only to students, but also to staff. They are ideal opportunities for retreats and training.

Global X-perience and NGOs / community groups

People belonging to NGOs or other community groups also make bookings for our simulation x-periences.

Service groups such as Rotary, Scouts, Round Table and more routinely bring people for the programmes.

Organisations with a particular focus also find the programmes helpful. Orbis and l’Occitane, for example, bring guests to our Blind X-perience to help motivate them towards support for visually impaired people. The UNHCR brings participants to the Refugee Run to deepen their understanding of the refugee plight and seek support for it.

The x-periential programmes also provide powerful cross-cultural learning for groups interested in that goal. Some student groups have used those programmes to prepare students to serve the poor in other countries.

Length of x-periential programmes

Our menu indicates the length of each simulation x-perience. Participants can, therefore, choose how long they spend undertaking them.

Participants may spend an hour or two, a half day or a full day, depending on their preference.

Note: Some combine their simulation activities with service opportunities, volunteering for part of their time with Crossroads. More

Choosing x-periences

Each simulation is given an intensity rating as a guide to participants. Some are relatively mild, others are stronger. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Booking process

Please take a little time to look at our menu and then fill in our booking form. One of our team will be back in touch with you to discuss the details of your visit.

Slum Lunch2Food available

If your group is undertaking an x-perience, you are welcome to request a meal which is typical of the food eaten by people in poverty.

We also have a fair trade cafe with beverages and snacks.

Other activities?

While you are with us, you might like to visit our

  • Cafe. Our Silk Road Cafe offers hot and cold drinks and light snacks, bought on a fair trade basis to create income for growers and producers. Social enterprise groups provide our snacks. Fun and funky, the cafe is proving a popular venue, where every purchase benefits someone in need.
  • Marketplace. Our Global Handicrafts marketplace provides an opportunity to buy fair trade products. These are gathered from over 51 suppliers in over 45 countries. Shoppers wander through a range of regional markets to buy these wares.
  • Volunteer office. We have a wide variety of service opportunities for people from all walks of life.

Location of Global X-perience activities:

Hong Kong

Most happen on our site in Hong Kong where we have permanent installations for the simulation environments. It is possible, though, to take some simulations to other venues.


Our UK team is also offering simulations in the United Kingdom and nearby locations.

Other countries

We are normally heavily booked up, but, when possible, we take our x-periences on the road to other countries. Thus far, we have run programmes in Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland  (World Economic Forum), Thailand, Taiwan, US, Vietnam.


There is a recommended donation for each of our programmes, dependent on group-size, length of stay, and number of activities. This helps us cover costs. We are aware, though, that not every group can pay so we make special provision where that is the case.

When working with you on your specific programme, our team will advise you on the recommended donation for your booking. Once the booking is finalised, you will receive an invoice from us for the agreed amount.

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