New Senior Secondary Curriculum (NSS)

As the NSS curriculum is implemented, many teachers are seeking ways to help students engage in meaningful, curriculum-related activities. While Crossroads’ experiential programmes connect to all aspects of the NSS, teachers have shown particular interest in those relevant to Liberal Studies, OLE, English and Life-Wide Learning.

Liberal Studies

Many of the simulations connect directly to Liberal Studies modules. Curriculum support material, with pre- and post- lesson plans, is also available for some of our more popular programmes.

Incoming VolunteersOLE

Volunteer service opportunities are available in support of the OLE objectives.

Language studies

Although many x-periences are available in Chinese, many language teachers prefer the English option, since it offers students use of the language in an environment where it is naturally spoken.

Life-Wide Learning

Many of the programmes at Crossroads also help to encourage the concept of life-wide learning.

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