Education and Vocational Training

Even though Fiji is a beautiful country, poverty is widespread, particularly in rural regions.

S3906 Fiji Project Profile_EDITED-9Fiji might be a tropical paradise, but for many of the nation’s impoverished children, life is no holiday. The community where Crossroads’ partner NGO runs a school is facing deep poverty and high unemployment. This often leads to alcohol abuse, gambling and domestic violence, so that besides teaching their students, school staff often deal with problems the children bring into the classroom from home. The school addresses these problems by engaging not only the children but also their parents. Currently they are extending the school with five new classrooms, to ‘set an example for all Fiji schools’.

Potential impact:

  • Crossroads shipment will provide equipment to fill five new classrooms. Most of what they have requested is not available in Fiji or not affordable for the school
  • The new rooms will be used to train students in new topics, like Economics, digital design, wood and metalwork and much more

S3906 Fiji Project Profile_EDITED-4Laisani (left), a Form 3 student, was badly burnt when the kerosene stove exploded at her home. Her family was reluctant to seek medical help for her as the traditional medicine man threatened to put a curse on the family. Laisani badly needed medical treatment, so staff from the school visited Laisani and her parents. The care and concern of teachers and students gave Laisani the courage to continue with her studies despite the disfigurement from her injuries. She is now healing well.




S3906 Fiji Project Profile_EDITED-3Virisila (left) is a sensitive and compassionate student, gifted in music and dance, but violence at home made it hard for her to concentrate at school. Her father was constantly angry and wouldn’t give permission for her to take part in extra-school activities. She asked a teacher and volunteer to visit her family and talk to her father. When they came, Virisila’s father had the opportunity, for the first time ever, to tell his story in front of his family. He had experienced a lifetime of rejection, emotional deprivation and pain. The father asked how he could find peace and relief from the anger he felt. A time of family forgiveness and healing followed. Now, Virisila feels greater self-confidence, an increased ability to concentrate and a desire to succeed. The entire family is happier and healthier, thanks to reconciliation efforts of her school.

Shipment includes:

  • Computer equipment
  • Calculators, powder paint, cooking pots, acoustic guitars, school chairs and more

This shipment will include furniture and equipment to help give a rich, holistic education to vulnerable Fijian children.

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Fiji Snapshot

Population: around 850,000
Capital: Suva
Population living below the national poverty line of US$3.3 per day: 45%

Compared to its neighbours, Fiji is relatively well developed, though it is the 61st poorest country in the world, comparable with the Philippines.

Fiji consists of 332 islands, of which 110 are inhabited.

Fiji’s main island is known as Viti Levu and it is from this that the name “Fiji” is derived.

S3906 Fiji Project Profile_EDITED-11

Education and community development

Far from the bustling capital city, many villages in Zambia’s countryside are struggling to catch up to the nation’s growth. In this shipment’s target area, people earn their living through subsistence farming, growing maize, pineapples, cassava, bananas, and beans, but only enough to feed their family. Finding extra money for more nutritious food, medicine for a sick child or further education is impossible for many.

“Many children walk almost naked, because they have no clothes, even as areas are growing, children are leaving school, only to end up not doing anything.” wrote our partner NGO.


Crossroads’ partners are helping their community of 25,000 move out of this hand-to-mouth existence by teaching better farming methods, new business skills,   training young people in computers, supporting village schools and equipping health clinics. They have asked us for a shipment of goods that will boost and grow their education and community development programmes.

Shipment includes:

  • Clothing for orphans, elderly and vulnerable families
  • School stationery and books for community schools
  • Medical supplies and equipment for health clinics
  • School furniture to equip poor village schools

    A87Carlos was neglected by his family because of his disability. He used to walk around on his knees, often getting cuts from broken glass, and couldn’t play with other children. Crossroads’ partner worked with his family to help them appreciate and help Carlos. Staff now give him a regular food and financial allowance that lifts the family’s burden, and as well as clothes, they found crutches for Carlos to be able to walk upright for the first time. Today, he can even play football with the neighborhood children!

  • This shipment will include clothes, school equipment, household items and other goods that will directly benefit vulnerable children like Carlos.

    Communities here are close-knit, but many struggle with a lack of basic daily needs. “Some elderly are starving from a lack of food, or only eating mangoes,” wrote staff.


    A51In this community in Eastern Angola, on Zambia’s border, there are so few formal schools that some children have classes under a mango tree (above). During the rainy season, they simply can’t go to school. Others are in a one-room school trying to cater for 200 students. “There are only three desks for 40 pupils at a time and children write on their knees. Most of them sit  on logs,” writes a staff member.Staying in school, and breaking out of poverty,  is difficult with all these odds stacked against them, but Crossroads’ partner is helping children in  Zambia and in Eastern Angola, just across the border, gain access to better educational opportunities. Once those children graduate, they’re then helping them train in useful skills like using computers, beekeeping and fish farming.


    This shipment will include goods like school desks and chairs to equip very under-resourced rural schools.

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Zambia Snapshot

Population: 14.83 million
Capital: Lusaka
Zambia is a beautiful, landlocked country in Southern Africa, with a tropical climate.

74.5% of people in Zambia live below the international poverty line of US$1.25 per day.
40% of children are involved in some kind of child labour
1.1 million people are living with HIV.


Children from a Ugandan slum district have their library bookshelves full for the first time, after a shipment from Hong Kong delivered boxes and boxes of books along with goods to boost the entire community.

It’s hard to fathom how much suffering people in this region like Maama Zawedde have seen. A widow herself, Maama Zawedde now takes care of orphans who lost their parents in Northern Uganda’s horrific conflict, as well as encouraging and supporting countless others displaced by the conflict.


It’s children like Maama Zawedde’s charges who benefited from the school library and other school equipment sent in the container from Crossroads (above).

While Maama Zawedde’s heart couldn’t be bigger, her resources are paltry. She tries to care for her charges as well as she can on almost no income, and often goes hungry.

When aid workers offered the elderly woman some new clothes for herself, she could hardly put together her thanks. “I am speechless,” she said. “New clothes? Not old! New shoes,  toys… I just cannot say  anything.”


“She shed tears of happiness,” said aid workers. “It was the first time she had experienced such a donation from anyone”

“We cannot express our happiness to you but we shall keep saying to you a very BIG THANK YOU,” wrote our partners after receiving Crossroads’ container. “We have distributed more than half of the goods received and the people here are so happy.”

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Uganda Snapshot

Population: 37.58 million
Capital: Kampala

Uganda is a fertile, land-locked country in East Africa, in the Africa Great Lakes region, with a tropical climate.

Great progress has been made in fighting HIV in Uganda, but 1.5 million people still live with the disease, and there are 1 million children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

39% of girls are married by the age of 18. 37.7% of people in Uganda live below the international poverty line of US$1.25/day.


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