light-be“Light Home is possibly the turning point of my life,” says Mrs Lee, a client of Crossroads’ partner Light Be. The social enterprise organisation arranges affordable housing, or ‘Light Homes’, by connecting Hong Kong landlords with underprivileged families. But it can take more than four walls and a roof to feel like home. Many families can’t afford the upfront costs to furnish their apartments with all the furniture and household goods they need. Crossroads has been privileged to partner with Light Be by supplying some of these items for their clients.

“Every month we go to Crossroads and look for furniture that will fit the needs of the families we serve,” says Ricky of Light Be. “If it’s an empty apartment, you won’t feel at home. This helps make the overall experience of housing complete. It might be the first time in two years that someone has had a table of their own.”

Crossroads loves working with Light Be, and the feeling seems to be mutual! “I think Crossroads provides the biggest selection of second-hand furniture in Hong Kong,” says Ricky. “We have a common mission, in terms of optimising resources in this city. It’s like other NGOs we work with. We fill each other’s gaps.”

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Crossroads relies on donations of goods to be able to help families in Hong Kong, and internationally. If you’ve got good quality items to give, we want to hear from you! Visit our Donate Goods page.

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Protection and Opportunity for families

Our partner in Tanzania is working in a region which is stricken by huge drought. With water scarce, harvests have failed, leaving many people victim to starvation. Livestock, the main source of income, died on a huge scale leaving the region’s inhabitants with no or little source of income. HIV/Aids has affected many families, leaving children without parents or caregivers. These children are the ones our partner in Tanzania is giving care to. Since beginning, they have been able to send 52 of these children to school and to provide them with shelter, food and clothes. Many more are still waiting for a similar change to a more normal life.

 Ester is aA42 Maasai girl who is living at our consignee’s orphanage centre. Before Ester was even born, she was married off to a man nearly 50 years older than her. Her future husband paid a dowry to her family when Ester was 9 years old to take her as his wife. However, when Ester heard she was being forced to marry, she ran away to the orphanage.  Here she was taken in with care and protection.


They helped her attend school and Ester has now finished class seven. She still lives at the orphanage  and is waiting for her result to go to secondary school.



Potential impact: Providing education for the community and especially to orphaned, widows and youth. The shipment includes clothing, desks, chairs and bookshelves, guitars, keyboards and trumpets


Crossroads shipment will help more girls like Ester grow and receive an education.

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Tanzania Snapshot

Capital: Dodoma
Largest City: Dar es Salaam
Population: 47.4 million. About half of the population is under 18.

Population below international poverty line of US$1.25 per day: 68%

There are 1.5 million people living with HIV/AIDS, 1.2 million children orphaned because of AIDS, and 3.1 million orphans in total, in Tanzania.
21% of children in Tanzania are involved in child labour.