Summer Saturday family packages

Cancelled: Sadly, we’ve had to cancel all our planned summer family package days, due to changes in Covid-19 recommendations. All paid bookings will be refunded, and we hope to keep you informed on when we can start up the programme again.

This summer, take a different kind of family trip: explore the world and be global citizens!

COVID-19 has changed holiday plans for many families, but it doesn’t need to stop curious minds from exploring the world and growing empathy for those in need. This summer, Crossroads has specially designed a series of Saturday programmes for families. You are cordially invited to Crossroads Village to experience, to volunteer and to explore.

From 18th July to 15th Aug, across five consecutive Saturdays, we will have five different themes to explore. Each one helps open families’ eyes to the world, and investigate how to be responsible, compassionate global citizens.

Each Saturday programme is available in both English and Cantonese, and includes a simulation, volunteering time, plus a visit to our fair trade shop and cafe.