14 Aug 2021 Saturday Family Programme – Refugee Run


Around the world, there are over 70.8 million displaced people – half of whom are children. Come, join Crossroads ‘family refugee program’, experience a little bit of what life is like for children who are displaced, and learn how you can help.


The refugees programme includes a Junior Refugee Run with Story telling.


Cantonese Session:

09:45     Arrival

10:00     Introduction to Crossroads and the programme

10:30     Refugee Simulation 

12:00     ‘Exploring Crossroads’ Tour / Hands-on Volunteering for those who have done our tour before

13:00    End of programme

English Session:

13:45     Arrival

14:00     Introduction to Crossroads and the programme

14:30     Refugee Simulation

16:00     ‘Exploring Crossroads’ Tour / Hands-on Volunteering for those who have done our tour before

17:00    End of programme

Our primary goal in running this programme is to help children and families understand global issues, and to explore ways that they can be involved. To that end, we reserve the right to adjust the medium of instruction to ensure that the children and the participants are able to grasp the full heart of the programme being offered to them.

Practical Information

  • Languages: Available in English and Cantonese
  • Maximum capacity per programme: 25 participants (including adults)
  • Time: 09:45-13:00 or 13:45-17:00 depending on language preference
  • Suitable age for kids: 8 – 12 years old
  • Programme Fee: HKD 350 for one adult and a child (including the programme, tour and a drink in our Fair Trade Café). Each additional family member: HKD 150.


Participation is by booking. Use the form below to book!

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