Identity of Culture


The Identity of Culture, used as a part of Crossroads’ humanitarian deployment training, provides a snap-shot into multiculturalism, diversity and cultural identity. The debrief offers key elements essential for effective engagement and service on the field.


Available Booking Schedules

We run our programmes at our site across two booking-slots daily, Tuesday to Saturday. They are as follows:

 Morning option:

09:45     Arrival, bathroom break, name-tags

10:00     Introduction to the programme

10:30     Simulation

12:30     Visit to our Fair Trade Café and Shop

13:00     End of programme

 Afternoon option:

13:45     Arrival, bathroom break, name-tags

14:00     Introduction to the programme

14:30     Simulation

16:30     Visit to our Fair Trade Café and Shop

17:00     End of programme

Please email us if you are interested in booking this programme as an off-site, either at another location in Hong Kong or overseas.


Practical Information

  • Booking: Participation is by booking. If you would like to make a booking, kindly fill in our online booking form.
  • Language: This programme is only available in English.
  • Suggested Group Size: We tend to suggest a minimum number of participants of 30 and a maximum of 100. It is, on occasion, possible to combine with other groups in order to participate.
  • Programme fee: There is a programme fee for this programme. Please email us for a quotation.
  • Suggested age-range for programme: 16 – Adult
  • Please check out our Booking FAQ’s for details on:
    • The terms and conditions of your booking (including our cancellation and weather policy, and what happens if your number of participants changes)
    • What to bring when you visit
    • Directions to our site
    • .. and more

So you’ve done Identity of Culture… What next?

Cultural identity is dynamic and constantly evolving.  It’s important to remember that our own culture and identity may prevent us from fully understanding and respecting other cultures with different values and behaviours. Here are a few suggestions to learn and increase your understanding of cultures different from your own:

Help Through Crossroads

  • Identity of Culture You may like to be an ambassador for the Identity of Culture experience itself and tell others about this opportunity. A booking can be made by clicking here
  • Volunteer at Crossroads – We have volunteers on our team from more than 20 nations. People often tell us it’s one of the things they love best about volunteering at Crossroads, and it is a great way to make friends and interact with people from different nations! Email to sign up.
  • Crossroads Cultural Ambassador Internship Programme (CAIP) is a two year internship programme offered by Crossroads. Through this we recruit qualified candidates from nations that we typically serve. This helps talented individuals from nations with limited opportunities to develop their skills sets, gain experience and knowledge and live and learn in an international environment. At the same time, Crossroads benefits by bringing in talented people helping us gain an insight into local cultures and how things work on the ground in specific countries. The CAIP is funded by a sponsorship fund that is used to cover the position best suited for the work. Learn more about the programme and how you can contribute to the sponsorship fund at
  • Global Handicrafts Marketplace. We have hundreds of colourful items for sale on a fair trade basis that sees a fair income go to artisans and producers who are living in economic need in various places around the world. Each of the products in the Global Marketplace tells a story about the country it is from, the way it is crafted and the unique lives and cultures of the people who made them. When you buy the products, you carry home with you a deeper understanding and appreciation of a different culture. Feel free to ask our Global Handicrafts manager for the unique stories behind each product when you shop, or to email the team at

By Yourself

  • Do your own research – Learning about different cultures can be a great way of developing an understanding of cultural diversity. Do a spot of research online or through books and films, and study some of the history and traditions of other cultures.
  • Talk to someone from a different cultural background – Try and get to know them a bit better. You don’t necessarily have to ask them directly about their culture, but by getting to know them you’ll find out more about their life and experiences.

Help Through Other Organisations

Travelling and spending time among other cultures is one of the best ways to open yourself up to other cultures and learn more about them. Here are some of the groups you could connect with:

  • Buffalo Tours offers experiential education programs across Asia. They work with local communities to offer real life explorations that are mutually beneficial for students and communities. Know more here
  • Global Volunteers provides opportunities to volunteer in different countries and cultures. The service project opportunities range from one to three week periods where volunteers work under the direction of local leaders. Learn how you can experience a broad cultural experience while contributing in a meaningful way here
  • Responsible Travel focusses on responsible tourism. Their mission has been to establish a more caring tourism industry while providing better holidays and benefitting local communities. They provide a wide variety of holiday options and tips on how to be a more responsible traveler. Its eco tours and holidays focus on local culture and local people. Discover more
  • Sustainable Summer is an environmental leadership program for high school students that combines sustainability immersion with challenge based learning and global citizenship. Read about their transformative summer experiences here


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