What site has the Government provided so far?

Where is the new site? 

The new site is located in Tsuen Wan. It is a piece of land underneath an overpass.

There is no building there, as per the photo, at the Tsuen Wan site, so we will have to construct something of a short-term nature before we can move.  

We will probably be able to build two storeys but not more because of the overpass. 

What size is the site? 

At the end of the day, we will have 2,902 sq m of usable space.

Initially the picture will look different. 

  • At the start of discussions, we were shown a total footprint of 7,200 sq m. This included both the land under the overpass and a portion of land to its south of 2,500 sq m.
  • We also learned, however, that, after 2 or 3 years, the land at the south would be taken away, leaving 4,700 sq m.
  • In subsequent meetings, we learned of other Government plans for part of this site, along with impediments that limit building and structures. That meant we could not use the whole 4,700 sq m. 
  • Once the above was clear, we saw that the total usable space was 2,902 sq m.

How long will we have it? 

We are told to expect usage of the 2,902 sq m. of 7-10 years. At the start of that, we will have an additional 2,500 sq m to the south, but it will be removed after 2 to 3 years. 

Grateful to the Government  of the HKSAR

Although there are evident difficulties we are very grateful to the Government as representatives have repeatedly said they are under no obligation to re-provision us. They explained that they are therefore doing so out of respect for the work.