We certainly can’t fit all our services on the site we have been offered. We could if a larger site were provided to augment it and have a few to suggest.

We are absolutely committed, though, to continuing all of Crossroads’ services because the work has grown to its biggest ever, reaching just on a million people a year. So there is certainly demand.

To continue our work, though, we must find a solution which supports the breadth of our work: ie not just what we did in our early days, but what has developed throughout our 28 years of operation. Over that time, our services grew in size and scope.

  • In the beginning, we operated out of a modest warehouse. We were surprised, though, by the rate at which the work grew as so many people began asking us for help and so many more asked if they could donate.  Before long, goods were moving throughout Hong Kong and around the world: Global Distribution.
  • Later, we developed an ‘online warehouse’ for people with goods to donate outside Hong Kong and non-profits outside Hong Kong. We partnered with the United Nations in developing a version for them as well. That too was a surprise. Global Hand.

Photo below shows a family receiving goods in the wake of a disaster in the Tibetan region: one of countless humanitarian deliveries through Global Hand.  

  • After that, we ran a programmes offering immersive x-periences for people to step ‘into the shoes’ of those who are suffering. We were again surprised to find interest across the board. Schools, universities, corporate groups and service groups expressed interest and it too grew rapidly. Likewise, we ran it with the United Nation: Global X-perience.

Photos here show a range of the x-periential programmes we offer. 

  • Finally, we opened a fair trade marketplace and café for people visiting the site, selling items generated by people combatting poverty. Another surprise! Global Handicrafts. Photo below: our marketplace. 



“There is nothing else like this for our students in Hong Kong”, a primary teacher told us while her students undertook one of our simulation programmes. She was keen for us to keep our services going.
We are committed to continuing our services, given the requests for them. To do so, though, we must have a suitable location. Please join us in our search.