What do we need?

The site we currently use is 3.5 ha (376,000 sq ft). We do not use all of that land, however, so long as a new site comes with permission to undertake sufficient multi-storey construction, we can fit on a smaller footprint.

Depending on terms and conditions, we could manage on an area between 1.2 ha (129,167 sq ft) up to 1.5 ha (161,460 sq ft).

We are grateful that the Government has offered us space. How much? 

The answer has several parts.

  • Initially, it would be for 7,900 sq m (85,000 sq ft)
  • Within 2 to 3 years, that would be reduced to 4,700 sq m because the rest would be removed for highway construction.
  • Of the remaining 4,700 sq m, 38% will not be usable, we have been informed, due to site impediments which limit the building and structures area.
  • This leaves us with 2,902 sq m (31,000 sq ft)


For the next site, we need between:

1.2 Ha (129,167 sq ft)

and 1.5 Ha  (161,460 sq ft).