The site we currently use is 3.5 Ha (376,000 sq ft).

We are grateful that the Government has kindly offered us another site but it is, unfortunately, 7,500 m2 (79,000 sq ft). This is 20% of our current space.

After weeks of professional sketches and counsel, we cannot see how we can fit into this suggested location without a change in its size, terms and conditions.

We do believe, though, it may be possible to condense into a smaller footprint on condition that we are able to undertake sufficient multi story construction.  The absolutely smallest possible would be 8,500 m2 (91,000 sq ft) but, even if multi storied, that would limit some of our work.

In reality, we would need a bigger footprint of 1.2 Ha (12,9167 sq ft) up to 1.5 Ha  (161,460 sq ft).

Ideally, then, we are looking for 1.5 Ha  (161,460 sq ft).


  • The terms of the lease are critical in any of these scenarios. On the site where we currently live, for example, we could have managed our work with a smaller footprint, but no construction was allowed, by our lease, throughout our time here.
  • Additionally, any construction we undertook would be conditional upon the length of tenure. Construction takes 3-4 years, yet most short-term tenancies offered to NGOs are only approx. 3 years. (More detail here.) The lease would need to be long enough for construction to be practicable.

In addition to the site the government suggested, we have been able to see a range of other places around Hong Kong. We are in ongoing communication with the government about the fact that we are still looking, as we seek any further suggestions they or others may have.


For the next site, we need between:

1.2 Ha (12,9167 sq ft)

and 1.5 Ha  (161,460 sq ft).