“It is a dark day for world peace…The humanitarian consequences on civilian populations will be devastating. There are no winners in war, but countless lives will be torn apart.”
UN High Commissioner for Refugees

We’re heartbroken to watch the crisis in Ukraine unfold. Crossroads is now working with a trusted NGO partner in the region on what they need and how we can help.

Give money

Currently, their most urgent need is financial support. With these funds, they can send immediate aid to Poland, Hungary and Romania, for refugees flooding across the borders from Ukraine. In the coming weeks they will also channel needed goods directly into Ukraine.

We have set up a dedicated fund so that we can respond as quickly as possible through these trusted partners. You can donate now, using the button below. Follow the link and in the ‘disaster name’ box, write ‘Refugee response’:

Donate Now


Thank you for caring!

Give goods

If your organisation has stock in Europe to donate in the the following categories, we can connect you to experienced partners who are able to place it where most needed. The goods should be new:

Dried food (with at least 1 year’s date)
Sleeping bags
Cooking pots and pans

Email enquiries@globalhand.org

Seeking further opportunities to connect? We’d love to talk. Email enquiries@crossroads.org.hk

Photos: UNDP Ukraine, Kyiv, February 2022 (Top),  UNDP Ukraine, Kyiv railway station, March 2022 (Bottom)

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