As a largely agricultural country which has struggled to develop economically, poverty remains a persistent challenge in Malawi. Over 80% of the population are considered ‘working poor’, which means that even though they are employed they earn less than US$3.10 a day. Poor infrastructure means that access to education and healthcare in Malawi are both lacking, and the country’s problems have been exacerbated by the fact that it is one of the world’s worst hit regions for HIV/AIDS; over one million children in Malawi have been orphaned by the disease.

Our NGO partners in the region are working tirelessly to provide support and relief to the people of Malawi. Their vision is to build a society where people’s livelihoods are secure, and there is equal access to quality schools and health facilities for all. In order to achieve this, our partners coordinate a series of programmes which aim to improve social and economic development, empower local communities, and provide material aid to the most vulnerable in society. Their projects encompass schooling, health and hygiene education, elderly care, orphanage support, and more.

“We had a very big problem with lacking hospital equipment at our health centre, but the beds and mattresses from this shipment have rescued us from this situation and we have already seen maternity services improved”  – Health & Social Services Administrator

(Above left) New hospital beds and mattresses arrive at a local health clinic. (Above right) Desks and chairs are unloaded at a local primary school.

(Above) New bikes are providing children with easier access to schools, and new opportunities to enjoy their free time!

The goods donated in this shipment have had a huge impact on the lives of the people who our partners support and even the shipping container itself has proven useful, finding a new life as office space at a youth training centre. Here are just a few examples of the ways in which these goods have touched people’s lives so far:

  • Computers have allowed the opening of new IT training facilities, allowing young people the opportunity to develop new and important skills.
  • Hospital beds and mattresses have drastically improved the quality of care in many local health centres.
  • Books and educational materials have allowed the opening of three community libraries, accessible by over 9,000 people.

Our partners estimate that 4,200 people have been directly impacted by this shipment, and over 30,000 indirectly impacted.


(Above left) Hospital beds are unloaded, ready to be distributed to health centres. (Above right) Students wait for their new desks and chairs to be set up in classrooms.


(Above left) New computers have improved IT facilities drastically for our partners. (Above right) Students set up one of the new computers in the IT training facilities.


(Above) Clothing is sorted and organized ready for distribution amongst local communities.


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