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Liberia as a nation is still suffering deep social and economic wounds from a civil war that ended in the early 2000s. Violence and assaults are sadly common, with youth turning to crime because they feel hopeless.

Crossroads has sent two shipments in the past to an NGO in Liberia who reach out to children and youth at risk. When they first established, they ran programmes to solve youth crime problems, but they soon realised they had to get to the root of why youth were turning to crime. They decided that education and mentorship were the answers, helping open more doors to youth so that they wouldn’t feel like crime was the only way to survive.

Today, they run a thriving ‘Street Library’, where many of the books, toys, furnishings and technology are from Crossroads’ previous shipments. They also used computers from our last shipment to set up a computer lab to train youth in IT skills. The goods from the shipment were so strategic in furnishing and improving their projects to a high standard that the organisation secured funding from the United Nations to run an additional 6 project across Liberia. “All of this happened because of Crossroads’ support,” they wrote.

Their latest goal has been to establish a vocational training academy for young people in Liberia’s rural centre. They have the land, and have constructed the buildings needed, but they have asked Crossroads for help with goods to bring it to life. Our shipment will include goods for the new training academy, as well as more toys and games to expand their the Street Library, computers, appliances and furniture to equip their various centres, all with the goal of being able to reach more young people with education and training that helps lift them out of poverty.

New vocational training centre

Goods from this shipment will help fill this new vocational training centre with furniture, appliances and other things they need to reach out to rural youth with empowering skills training. The centre will accommodate more than 300 students at a time.

Crossroads’ previous shipment arrived just as our partners were renovating their Street Library. “The learning environment was deplorable,” they said. “Students couldn’t play educational games because of the roughness of the floor and leaking water.” Their staff fixed up the facilities and laid down carpet tiles from Crossroads’ shipment, filled the shelves with new toys and games, and immediately the centre started to draw more children. Their enrolment has already increased by 175 children per week.


Sponsor this shipment: We are seeking financial sponsorship to cover the costs of this shipment and others. To donate all or part of the needed funds, see overleaf for account details or email partnerships@crossroads.org.hk

Give goods: We need more good quality laptops or computers for this shipment. If you can help,  email donate@crossroads.org.hk

Help load the container: Bring a team (or just yourself!) to pack goods into the container to help communities in need. Email partnerships@crossroads.org.hk to ask about volunteering.

Reference No. : S4381B

IT skills for youth

“Youth are dying to become computer literate, but they do not have the financial means to get these skills,” wrote our partners.

Young people in Liberia know the opportunities that come through computer education and they know they’re missing out on skills that their peers in more developed communities take for granted.

Computers from Crossroads’ previous shipment have made possible a computer lab where young people can learn these vital skills, leading to better employment options in the future.

This shipment will include more goods for youth vocational training, helping to set up a brand new centre focused on skills training for rural youth.


Liberia snapshot

Population: 4.8 million
Capital: Monrovia
Population below international poverty line of US$1.25 per day: 64%

Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic, but it became known in the 1990s for its long-running, ruinous civil war. The conflict involved child soldiers, and it killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Significant programmes are now under way to improve issues such as clean water access, food security and education, however progress is difficult and unemployment and illiteracy remain high across the country.
Source: UNICEF and BBC


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