Thank you for your kind messages of concern regarding Typhoon Mangkhut. Our site was affected, with many trees down and other damage.  We also lost two major storage facilities that will need replacement.

We’re pleased to report that we are now back up and running, and have been able to start helping Hong Kong villages where people suffered damage to homes and possessions. We could not have managed this without the incredible efforts of many from around Hong Kong who jumped in to help us clear trees, sweep, mend, lift and carry until we were once again safe and ready to serve. We watched in grateful amazement as people volunteered in families, as community groups, or individuals, toiling in some very sweaty weather! To all those who have been helping, whether with muscle, with funding or in other ways: THANK YOU!



Do we need volunteers?

Thanks to the immediate response to our call for volunteers, we are no longer needing emergency help, however we still have some clean-up and related jobs that need to be done. If you are able to help us return to full functionality, we’d love to hear from you or your group! Please email to let us know your availability before coming.

Will we need to reconstruct anything?

Yes, sadly. We have lost two significant storage facilities which will be expensive to replace. Please watch this space as, having assessed the damage and reconstruction required, we will update you.


At the same time, we are, of course, supporting others affected. We have already started working with Hong Kong villages to help people replace white goods and furniture items that were damaged in the typhoon, seeing a steady stream of clients each day in need of help. We are also staying alert to requests from other nearby nations to hear how Crossroads may be able to assist typhoon victims elsewhere. If you would like to donate, please use our Disaster Fund specify Typhoon Mangkhut in the form there.



Thank you for all your support. This typhoon is unprecedented in its size and impact and it will be a long way back to life as ‘normal’. We are very grateful for your help in getting there.

Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong

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