Malawi: Improving rural health and education


Malawi is one of the world’s least developed countries and is heavily reliant on economic assistance from the IMF, World Bank and other donor nations. A largely agricultural country, Malawi is still recovering from the effects of drought in 2015 and 2016.

The country is making efforts to overcome decades of underdevelopment, and the impact of an HIV-Aids problem, which claims the lives of tens of thousands every year.

Crossroads has partnered with an organisation which has a five year plan to improve health and nutrition, address governance issues, and implement youth development programs and support education, particularly for young girls.

Our shipment will include computers, school desks and chairs, clothing, bedding and other household items, bicycles and hygiene items.

In addition to helping meet the most basic needs of the people in their community, the shipment will also help address particular challenges faced by local schools and hospitals. The shipment will also allow for vocational training, which will in turn lead to opportunities for income generation.


Hafisa Kabwato is a 38 year-old mother of four living in a small Malawian village.

Through our partner’s work, she obtained a loan which she used to buy a goat and a second loan to help her cultivate 21 plots of rice. She expects to harvest over 50 bags of rice from these plots.

She can now afford to send her children to school and plans to buy iron sheets to replace the thatched grass roof of her house.

Goods from this shipment will help our partners reach more people like Hafisa.

Our partner has seen a marked increase in the healthy status of children living with HIV and Aids.

They have also seen a reduction in cases of mother to child transmission of the diseases through their intervention.

Projects to reduce the number of early child marriages, teenage pregnancies and school drop outs have also seen positive results.

A pineapple farmer helped by training and financial assistance from our partner.

In a country where thousands die from HIV and Aids, our partner helps families manage life with the disease.  



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Malawi snapshot

Population: 18 million
Capital: Lilongwe
Major Languages: English, Chichewa

Landlocked Malawi is sometimes called the ‘warm heart of Africa’, for its culture of hospitality, however, the nation ranks among the world’s least developed countries. The country’s economic performance has historically been constrained complex factors including poor infrastructure, high population growth, and poor health and education outcomes that limit labor productivity.

The economy is predominately agricultural with about 80% of the population living in rural areas.

Source:BBC Country Profile/CIA World Factbook


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