Zambia: Empowering rural communities


Zambia has faced an unsteady economy in recent years, and it’s particularly impacting the nation’s rural areas. The current COVID-19 pandemic has put an extra strain on rural communities as there is often limited access to facemasks, hand sanitiser and other equipment to slow the spread of infection.

Our partners are dedicated towards empowering communities to develop and grow through various educational and health projects. We sent out a shipment of medical supplies, office, and school furniture, bedding, and clothing to assist them to boost their and improve their projects.

“Because of the shipment, we were able to establish an adult literacy centre.”

NGO staff

Goods from the shipment are making a significant impact on the community in both immediate and long-term projects:

  • The school furniture helped establish an adult literacy centre in their community targeting over 250 adults with no or little school experience.
  • 2000 people benefitted from Covid-19 preventive supplies such as face masks and hand sanitizers.
  • More than 150 orphans and vulnerable children received new warm clothing.
  • School supplies, furniture, projector screens, and writing boards equipped their community school that had no furniture. Over 200 students now have access to much better school furniture and books.

We’re very grateful to all who made this shipment possible, allowing our partners to invest in their local community to improve the lives of thousands of people.

Our partners were grateful for supplies to fight the spread of Covid-19, including face masks and sanitizers to help more than 2,000 people.

Above: More than 150 orphans and vulnerable children received warm clothes and toys from the shipment.

Thanks to school furniture, books and more from the shipment, a school that formerly had no furniture in the classrooms and few resources, is now far better equipped. Over 200 students now have access to much better school furniture and books.

School furniture has helped our partners open an adult literacy programme for adults who were given very little formal education.


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