Vanuatu cyclone2In March, 2015, Cyclone Pam hit the archipelago of Vanuatu, causing devastating damage. Village homes were flattened, infrastructure was crippled, and most buildings in the capital, Port Vila, have been damaged. 15-16 people lost their lives and Cyclone Pam has been named one of the worst cyclones ever to hit the southern hemisphere.

A state of emergency has been declared in Vanuatu, with half of the population affected. Vanuatu cyclone4Tens of thousands of people have been cut off from services such as water and electricity, and many are now simply surviving on fruit they can find on the ground.

People are in desperate need of clean water, food, hygiene items, and cooking supplies. Some have had not just their homes, but their entire village washed away or destroyed in the savage storm.

Crossroads’ response

Crossroads is ready to ship a 20′ container of disaster relief goods to help cyclone victims. Our partners on the ground have requested emergency items such as kitchen and hygiene kits, which we are able to send from our disaster preparedness supplies.

How you can help

You can give funds towards Crossroads’ relief efforts in Vanuatu by clicking here. In the ‘what for’ box, write ‘Vanuatu disaster relief’. We are also welcoming donations of disaster kits to replenish our disaster preparedness stock after sending kits to Vanuatu. Email to ask about giving disaster goods or partnering to help Vanuatu in other ways.

Thank you!

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In the ‘what for’ box, write ‘Vanuatu disaster relief’.

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