In Uganda a lack of opportunity, and of understanding, have long contributed to a negative societal view of those living with disabilities. This is something that our partners in the region are working tirelessly to change.

Just outside Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, our partners run a ‘one-stop centre’ for children with disabilities. Here, they work with children and their families to provide the professional services that will ensure every child, regardless of their needs, is given the help and resources they need to thrive. They provide education, therapy, counselling, and play, all whilst engaging the community around them in support of the children’s rights and happiness, helping to break the social stigma around disability.

With an expansion project underway and a wide variety of ongoing programmes in need of resources, the shipment received from Crossroads has found immediate and timely use for our hardworking partners.

“The shipment has greatly improved the lives of children with disabilities; negative attitudes, behaviours and stigma have been reduced. Children with disabilities are now living a better and more dignified life”. – NGO director

Already we have received feedback showing how the goods from the shipment have helped, including:

  • Education and office furniture creating a more comfortable environment for children and staff alike.
  • Wheelchairs, therapy mats and other assistive devices improving the quality of therapy services.
  • Books, stationary, and games ensuring a stronger education programme.
  • Radios and media players allowing the commencement of music and dance classes.

(Above) As a result of this shipment a local primary school, who our partners work closely, were able to provide every single child with a new reading book.

(Above) Using stationery and supplies from the shipment, art and sensory stimulation classes have been able to provide benefits to a growing number of students.

(Above) Parents and members of the community are encouraged to visit the centre and engage with the children’s projects.

As our partner’s organisation continues to grow these goods, and the many more that were included in the shipment, will continue to provide a benefit to many children for many years to come.


(Above 1st pic) Therapy mattresses and assistive devices like those included in this shipment are essential to the work undertaken at our partner’s centre.  (Above 2nd pic) Just as the children at our partner’s centre have benefitted from this shipment, so too have the staff. New office furniture is enabling them to work in a more comfortable setting than ever before!

(Above) Students at one of the centre’s partner schools enjoy the thrill of new outfits!

(Above) Children at the centre wait excitedly for class to start on some of their new classroom chairs. Before this shipment a lack of equipment meant students often had to share seats.

(Above) Desks and chairs have transformed classrooms that were previously lacking the resources needed to support students.

Reference No. : S4751

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