Investing in education

“How many computers do you have in your computer lab?” asked our team member, visiting a school we’re helping in Ghana. “Not one,” replied the teacher. There was a pause. “Then how do you teach the kids computer skills?” The teacher smiled and explained they were hoping someone might bring a mouse, or a keyboard or other parts so they could set something up.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Education is an uphill battle for children in the district of Ghana where our partner NGO is based. “A significant number of children in these community schools are sitting under trees and sheds,” wrote staff when they first applied. In the area, nearly 75% of the population over 15 can’t read or write in any language, keeping people locked in poverty.

“As a result of the shipment, we were able to open our new ICT centre.”

When this shipment arrived, staff reported on the incredible investment that the computers, furniture, school supplies and other goods have made into their work. “Until the arrival of the shipment from Crossroads Foundation, our organisation had only one desktop computer. We needed to pay for usage of our warehouse, buy stationery, do printing and rent chairs to host meetings. However, the situation has now changed significantly. The [goods] and the container itself are saving us USD10,000 per year as we no longer need to hire or pay for using them.”

The schools likewise were overwhelmed. One school for disadvantaged children has now been able to open two new classes to cope with demand, thanks to goods from the shipment. At another school, the primary 5 and 6 students previously sat on the floor, but now each student has a chair and desk. At yet another school, students were learning about computers in a theoretical sense, but had none to use themselves. Now, students can put their learning into practice on real computers in their own school!

All the schools reported increased student attendance following the distribution of goods. We’re thankful to our sponsors for making it possible to invest in the education of Ghana’s children through this shipment.

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Ghana Snapshot

Capital: Accra

Population: 27 million. 45% of the population is under 18.

Ghana is in West Africa, located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, and has a tropical climate. It is the fifth most stable state in Africa.
There are about 1 million children orphaned for a variety of reasons in the country.
34% of children are involved in some kind of child labour, and education is often inaccessible in rural areas.