Serving HK with Dignity

We love to care for people in need within Hong Kong. Our buildings are not young, though, and, much as we want our clients to feel a sense of dignity, when visiting here, our aged bricks and mortar don’t always convey that message. Our former distribution centre for Hong Kong people was proving too ancient and, as well, too small, for this busy part of our work. So, this year, we took the plunge on a major project to renovate an old, but larger, space specifically for our Hong Kong clients. It took months of work, but, in Spring 2018, our new location was ready.

We drew on the beauty of local art for its decoration. We created a space where local clients can more freely browse a selection of goods. We made a large padded play area for their young children. We built changing rooms where all could try on clothes. We installed stylish, matching shelving we were donated for display of goods on offer. Our hope is that this feels like a visit to a pleasant shop, with just one difference: clients don’t need to pay any money!


We supply goods to:

  • individuals and families recommended by the Social Welfare Department.
  • Individuals recommended to us by Hong Kong NGOs.
  • other charities which may use them for their own operations or distribute to their beneficiaries.


10.30-5.30 each working day. We ask our clients to make a booking in advance, though.


Adoption services, AIDS support, animal welfare, asylum seeker/refugee programmes, care of prisoners and ex-prisoners, community/cultural groups, community centres, community development programmes, computer training centres, drug rehabilitation services, educational institutions, elderly care, English training centres, environmental care, fair trade initiatives, family services, halfway houses, leadership training programmes, medical clinics & hospitals, microbusiness initiatives, orphanages, rehabilitation and therapy centres, rehabilitation services following abuse, service organisations, shelters for the vulnerable and people at risk, sports programmes for the disadvantaged, suicide prevention services, support for domestic workers, support for new arrivals, support for sufferers of autism, epilepsy, physical handicaps, etc, support for the disabled, support for women, typhoon recovery, vocational training programmes and youth services.


People make an appointment through a Social Welfare branch or through a registered NGO. Through them, the client indicates what he/she needs and we see how much of their list we can meet from our donated stock.


We love to help any and all we can.

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