Israel: Relief for vulnerable communities


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While Israel is a developed nation, with high literacy, the gap between
rich and poor is significant. The region’s most vulnerable, such as those
with disabilities, single-parent families, new immigrants and people
injured through terrorism and conflict are often living below the poverty
line and struggling to afford the basics of life.

Covid-19 has created even more challenges for those already in poverty in
Israel, increasing unemployment and decimating small businesses and
day labour jobs that rely on tourism.

Our partners in Israel are acutely aware of the needs around them, and
for more than 16 years, they have been supplying humanitarian aid
stations all over Israel with needed goods. The projects they serve include
new immigrants, the homeless, unemployed people, children’s welfare
villages, Holocaust Survivor centres, facilities for the disabled and other

Crossroads is well-placed to ship containers of valuable aid goods to our
partners in Israel, where their channels of distribution are efficient and
effective, bringing much-needed relief to thousands each year. They have
requested Crossroads’ help with goods like clothing, bedding, toys and
household goods for their centres.

Helping new immigrants battling poverty

Omida, a single mother from Uzbekistan,
moved to Israel hoping to escape the poverty
she had known all her life, but when she
resettled, she found it very difficult to move
beyond that poverty. Our partners have
helped her with clothing, baby goods and
other things to relieve some of the burden on
Omida as she seeks to create a better life for
her little one. This shipment will include goods
to help provide relief and support for single
parent families and immigrants like Omida,
while they establish a new home

Vulnerable groups like holocaust survivors (below), elderly, those with disabilities
and new immigrant all appreciate the relief that donations of material goods
through our partners’ network of centres can bring.

During recent lockdown in Israel due to Covid-19, Crossroads’ partners brought containers of much-needed aid to projects serving people who were already poor, and now struggling further.

One centre in Nazareth who received essentials like furniture, clothing, shoes and bedding, said, “I can’t even express how happy they were, how they hugged these shoes, how it’s very important to them. Some have never received a gift like this in all their life, because it’s very expensive. One guy wanted to kiss the shoes, to put them under his pillow.”

The words show how much it means to those in need to know that there are others who care enough to help.

This shipment will include goods that can bring hope and relief to those living without basic necessities

Population: 9.2 million (2020 estimate)
Capital: Jerusalem

Israel sits at the eastern end of the
Mediterranean Sea and its small, narrow
land mass ranges from desert to mountains
to fertile valleys. The climate is hot and dry
in summer, with a shorter cool, wet winter.
Israel is currently ‘the most developed
country currently in conflict’, meaning that
while indicators like health and education
are high, the population is challenged by
threats of conflict and insecurity, and there
is a wide gap between rich and poor, with
immigrant communities especially
vulnerable to poverty. Sources: UN, BBC

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