Israel: Meeting essential needs for those in poverty


Covid-19 has created even more challenges for those already in living in poverty in Israel, increasing unemployment and decimating small business and day labour jobs that rely on tourism. This has led to basic items such as clothing being relatively unattainable for thousands of people. According to our partners in Israel, an estimated 850,000 households lack essential housing, education, healthcare, and food. In the cities, 25-30% of families are experiencing poverty.

Crossroads shipped to an NGO whose supports vulnerable families, especially new immigrants, single-parent families, those with disabilities, elderly Holocaust survivors, and those suffering unemployment.

We were grateful to be able to ship an entire container of brand new clothing, which our partners distributed to their network of centres throughout Israel, as part of their ongoing support for these communities. They estimate that the new clothing impacted between 25,000-32,000 people.

When you dress a child in new clothes, it helps their self-esteem and confidence when everything else in their life may be going wrong.

NGO director

The new clothing from the shipment was distributed throughout the country to our partners’ network of aid centres which support struggling families.

Staff expressed their deep gratitude for this gift, the scale of which allowed them to reach so many thousands of people and to reinforce trusted partnerships across Israel.

The shipment, which contained brand new clothing, was received in Israel and quickly distributed to a network of centres throughout the country.

“Impoverished children haven’t done anything to deserve poverty,” write our partners, “And usually their parents haven’t either…they’ve simply fallen on unforeseen circumstances.” They saw a noticeable change in the self-esteem and confidence of children as they received brand new outfits to wear.


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