$230HK ($30US) purchases an emergency relief kit for families from slum communities in lockdown in India.

Each kit includes food, face masks, hygiene supplies and educational materials for children missing out on schooling.

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India is in a state of crisis, with Covid-19 cases skyrocketing and more than 3,500 people dying daily.

While thousands are battling access to life-saving oxygen, thousands of others in poverty are on lockdown and battling the instant loss of income from day labouring jobs. They need urgent help to feed their families and access medicine and other essentials.

“There is immense suffering… we are being flooded with Covid medical and relief intervention requests,” said Crossroads’ partners on the ground. For nearly a decade, they have been working with hundreds of families in a slum in Maharashtra running programmes in education, job creation and women’s empowerment. Now, they’re walking with those same families through the current Covid crisis, helping them survive.

You can help. Click the button above to go to our donation page, and in the ‘Disaster name’ box, enter ‘India Covid relief’. We, and those we serve, are deeply grateful for your gift!

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