The old proverb says, “I can’t understand a man unless I walk a mile in his shoes.”

Participants in our ‘Global X-perience’ programmes don’t simply hear a talk or watch a video about a world in need. They briefly step ‘into the shoes’, through simulation, of those who suffer. We offer simulation x-periences of poverty, war, HIV/AIDS vulnerability, blindness in poor nations, water challenges and many more issues. Full list here.

Although we also work internationally, our main base of operations is Hong Kong, where we love to work with a cross-section of this city’s people. Approx. 25,000 HK people participate per year.

  • Who Participates in GX?Students. Over half our participants are students. We work with over 200 primary and secondary schools across Hong Kong, as well as the tertiary sector. We tailor our programmes to strengthen both local and international curricula, and work with teachers and professors on a regular basis to help them find ways to help a world in need. Would you like to make a booking for your educational institution?
  • Companies. We offer team building programmes to Hong Kong’s corporate sector. Frequently, groups come to step ‘into the shoes’ of those in need to better understand how their firm can Ethospositively impact its community and develop its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Many also volunteer. Would you like to make a booking for your company?
  • We partner with other Hong Kong-based NGOs and function as a training ground for their staff, as well as exploring how we can help equip them further to serve in their city more effectively.
  • Community/service groups. Rotary, Ladies’ Circle, Scouts and others come to us, too, seeking to understand their world better, and map out ways in which they can serve and make a difference in their community.
  • Families/individuals also book our simulations and volunteer service programmes.

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