DR Congo: Support and Education


The Democratic Republic of Congo has a recent history marred by civil war and conflict. Although the violence has lessened in recent years, the war has already claimed an estimated six million lives through fighting, disease and malnutrition. The severe and wide-reaching impact of the conflict means that DR Congo is ranked just 176 out of 189 on the Human Development index, and access to vital services such as healthcare and education are seriously lacking for many communities.

Our NGO partners in the region have been working to overcome some of the challenges faced by the people in their region of DR Congo. They run food security programmes, vocational training schemes and HIV/AIDS prevention classes, and coordinate capacity building support for local community organisations. Furthermore, they provide assistance to local health clinics and hospitals to ensure that adequate healthcare facilities are available to all.

“The goods have brought relief to the populations we serve, and we thank you very much for the medical, school and office equipment” – NGO Director

Included in this shipment was a wide variety of goods, reflecting the needs of the many different programmes that our partners run. Some of those goods included:

  • Toys and games for distribution to local schools
  • Education supplies, such as books and stationary
  • Clothes, shoes and basic household necessities, to support the most vulnerable families
  • Furniture and office equipment, for use in schools, health centres and our partners offices
  • White goods, such as fridges, washing machines, microwaves and fryers, to allow for the updating of facilities used by local communities

(Above 1st pic) Medical staff excited to receive goods from the shipment which will support their health centre. (Above 2nd pic) Medical staff celebrate the arrival of new hospital beds at their clinic.

(Above) Clothes are distributed amongst vulnerable members of the local community.

(Above) New fridges are installed in one of the community organisation buildings.

The goods that were sent all have the potential to produce long-lasting and profound impacts on the lives of those who benefit from them. We, our partners, and the local communities that have received these goods, are all grateful.

Reference No. : S3311

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