Cameroon: Rural Community Education


Crossroads’ partners on this shipment wrote of the endless factors that keep people trapped in poverty: unreliable electricity supply, limited clean water, leading to outbreaks of disease, and poor roads and transport in rural areas, so that farmers find it hard to get produce to outside markets. “Most families can’t afford higher education,” they wrote, “and healthcare services and supplies are a major challenge.”

The shipment sent by Crossroads included goods to help equip and expand their projects, such as:

  • Audio-visual equipment for training and education
  • Toys, sports equipment and educational supplies for community schools and youth sports projects
  • Office furniture, computers and office supplies to improve administration
  • Hundreds of books for schools and libraries
  • Beds and bedding to equip schools and clinics
  • Computers and monitors for digital literacy training.

“It is difficult to express in a report the feelings of the beneficiaries. Everywhere we went brought so much joy and a feeling of relief. They felt love and this boosted their self-esteem.” – NGO staff

(Above) Volunteers help to unload the goods from the shipment which had arrived at our partner NGO’s offices.

(Above) Excitement at the arrival of the goods was expressed in dance and song at one school that benefited!

(Above) The educational goods were distributed to our partners’ network of schools, where things like school desks and chairs, stationery and books were received with jubilation by the under-resourced teachers.

“There are many orphans and other vulnerable youth who do not go to school because of lack of means,” wrote our partners. “We have designed a vocational training programme to benefit this group of children and enable them live independent lives and contribute to the economic development of our country.” Computers from the shipment are helping our partners give training to these children that would otherwise be out of reach.

Reference No. S4545

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