Benin: Education, employment and community-building


Despite its political stability and cultural vibrancy, Benin remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Ranking just 163 out of 189 on the Human Development Index, Benin suffers from severe underdevelopment and has unemployment rates as high as 70% amongst its young people. In many of the country’s village communities the poverty and illiteracy rates are around 60% and, with poor access to education and skills training, it is very difficult for people to break out of the poverty cycle.

Our NGO partners in the region coordinate a wide range of programmes designed to tackle the challenges faced by Benin’s poorest communities. Through supporting local schools, providing skills training to unemployed women, organising community literacy classes, and distributed much needed necessities such as clothing and bedding, our partners are working tirelessly to address the issue of poverty head-on. Their major focus is on improving access to education, as they believe that by equipping people with new skills they can empower them to pursue new opportunities and can break the poverty cycle.

“The most significant impact of the shipment is the reduction of grinding poverty, especially in poor communities and villages”– NGO Director

(Above) A man with training receives a new computer, allowing him to open a small IT services business.

The goods that were delivered in this shipment have supported the work of our partners across many of their programmes. Here are just a few examples of the impacts that they have had:

  • Classroom furniture has been donated to local schools, modernising facilities and improving the quality of their learning environments
  • Computers have been distributed to individuals who have the training to use them, allowing them to start their own small businesses and enterprises
  • Hospital beds and medical mattresses have improved the standard of care at local health centres, providing for a local population of over 7500 people
  • Toys and games were distributed at Christmas to children in the poorest communities where our partners work

(Above) Tables, chairs and kitchen utensils from the shipment, kick-started a restaurant business for this woman, who is now able to support herself with the income

(Above) A student in our partners’ educational support projects received a new desk and school kit, allowing her to continue her studies at secondary school.

The goods received in this shipment have already directly impacted an estimated 4,600 people directly, and over 10,000 indirectly. With their long life-span and careful distribution the items received by the beneficiaries in Benin will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of many people for years to come.


“As a result of the shipment, we were able to contribute to a new market in a poor community. The clean water and electricity which provide this market also serve the immediate neighborhood. Thanks to this, an additional 1250 people now have access to clean water and electricity in their homes” – NGO Director

Most residents in our partners’ target communities are struggling with poverty, making it difficult to get ahead or support their families. Basic goods like furniture, clothing, electrical equipment and others can have a remarkable impact on their quality of life, like one teacher (Above 1st pic) who received a mobile phone that he can now use to stay in touch with family members living in other towns.

(Above 2nd pic) New chairs will allow this women to invite friends and family over to her home, where previously she had nowhere for them to sit.

(Above) Recreational and sports equipment from the shipment have enriched youth sports projects.

Reference No. : S2446

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