Ukraine: Healthcare and Hospitals


Ukraine is one of Europe’s poorer nations, with 60% living below the poverty line, and has particularly struggled in recent years with a recession and conflict. When it comes to funding and upgrading hospitals and schools in Ukraine, the smaller towns and villages are often left behind.

Since 2013, Crossroads’ partners have been working with hospitals, schools, clinics and institutions in the Ukraine, particularly in rural areas that may be missing out on services and resources. We shipped to these partners in recent years, and were greatly encouraged by the photos and stories of how the goods have helped their work with schools and medical facilities.

(Above) Clinics and hospitals which received beds from the shipment are now able to offer a higher level of comfort and care for their patients.

When Crossroads received an offer from a Hong Kong hospital of a huge quantity of electric hospital beds, we asked our Ukraine partners if they could be useful in their work. They gratefully accepted the offer and we prepared a shipment of hospital beds, mattresses and medical supplies that they have distributed to rural health clinics, many of which have not had updated facilities in decades.

“It is impossible to buy such good functional hospital beds in Ukraine. The money saved is approximately US$130,000; a huge amount for Ukraine” – NGO Director

(Above) Doctors in this maternity ward were thrilled with the new, high quality beds.

(Above) Doctors and medical staff receive gloves and medical supplies at their clinic.

The goods that were sent in this shipment were predominantly for distribution to healthcare clinics and hospitals in Cherkasy, providing a vital update to the equipment and facilities in use before their arrival.

  • Modern hospital beds, replacing the 40 year old beds previously in use in a rural maternity ward
  • Gloves and medical supplies, providing the central Monastyrische Hospital with basic goods that patients had previously been required to pay for themselves
  • Mattresses, fitting the beds of the district hospital which serves over 2000 patients from the 25 surrounding villages every year

This shipment has already had a wide reaching impact for many patients. With the continued support of our partners, and the hard work of the medical staff in Cherkasy, the goods that were sent will continue to improve the lives of local people for many years to come.


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