Freezing winters of the Middle East is life-threatening for refugees, and several children have already tragically frozen to death. A group of dedicated partners on the ground – Helping Refugees in Jordan, NuDay Syria and Jusoor – are volunteering for the second year to deliver a little happiness and warmth to 10,000 refugee children this winter.
Want to help? Just $12 USD will buy a warm coat, hat, scarf, gloves and soft toy for one child. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to buying supplies for the children, with no overhead costs.

“We Care About Syria” Winter Campaign


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Ongoing violent conflict in Syria and Iraq are affecting the lives of over 7 million children. School enrolment among this population is lower than 25%, the lowest school enrolment rate of any country in the world. Providing displaced children with a basic education is critical to the future of Syria.

Want to help? Just $50 a month or $600 a year will give a Syrian refugee child an education and Syria a brighter future. Jusoor: Syrians Forward Together is a non-profit running three high quality schools for over 1,000 refugee children in Lebanon. Help us to ensure this generation is not lost.

 “Generation Hope” Refugee Primary Schools


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Contact:          Hani Jesri, Director, Jusoor Refugee Education Program


Palestinian children in Lebanon are often denied both education and employment. Scholarships are critical to addressing the issues of youth disengagement and building social equality and cohesion.

“Bridge” Refugee Youth Scholarships

Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP) provides psychosocial activities for underprivileged children in Lebanon as well as high school and university scholarships in the Middle East, Europe, and USA for disadvantaged Palestinian students.

Want to help?  Volunteer with ULYP at their campus for children and youth. Are you a university or educational institution? Scholarships for high school, undergraduate and graduate programmes can change a refugee’s life and have a lasting impact on his/her family.


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Contact:          Melek el-Nimer, Founder



“A Hand-Made Future”: Embroidery by Syrian and Palestinian Refugee Women

Basmeh and Zeitooneh’s Women’s Workshop in Shatila refugee camp trains 120 Palestinian and Syrian refugee women in embroidery and in crochet, allowing them an opportunity to sell their production and earn an income with dignity.

Want to help? Support our women’s products. $50 will buy an embroidered scarf and help one of the women send her child to school. Invest in the workshop to help us reach more women.


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Contact:          Farah Azrak, Project Manager



Refugees in Gaza and Lebanon have suffered extensive loss.

“To Rebuild Gaza” Medical and Psychosocial Aid

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) provides essential medical supplies for hospitals in Gaza so that doctors are able to treat patients, and are also providing psychosocial support for Palestinian refugee children in Lebanon who have suffered much trauma.

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Contact:        Marta Petagna, Director, MAP Lebanon

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