Help Syrian Refugee children prepare for winter!

Crossroads continues to partner with NGOs working on the ground in refugee camps along the Syrian borders. You can help Syrian children this coming winter!

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Update: As the situation develops, donations received after Christmas will be used to support Syrian refugees in a multitude of ways beyond provisioning for winter kits. Crossroads is committed to assisting Syrian refugees across Lebanon, Jordan and Europe in whatever way is possible.

Many of you have been in touch in the wake of the recent devastating footage of Syrian refugees in the news. We are continuing our campaign to support Syrian refugees. Last winter with your help, we were able to keep 5,290 children warm. As the number of refugees increase, we need your help to increase our support.

Syrian family“We have only a narrow opportunity to intervene now as this potentially lost generation confronts its future”, warns UNHCR High Commissioner Antonio Guterres. “Abandoning refugees to hopelessness only exposes them to even greater suffering, exploitation and dangerous abuse”. The Syrian crisis is impacting millions of families. Four million Syrians have now fled across the border, and a further 7.6 million are displaced within Syria. Over half of those uprooted are children.

The last two winters, you helped Crossroads send winter kits of warm clothing and toys to children in refugee camps and settlements in the Middle East. We are continuing this appeal for the upcoming winter, as well as working to support Syrian refugees across Europe. Major aid programmes have seen cuts to their food distribution and as the number of refugees increase, our response needs to match.

If you donate, take a photo of yourself with a written message to show Syrian children that you care. Post it on our Facebook page and we’ll share it with the children who receive winter kits!

Scroll down to view winter kits distributed by Crossroads Foundation for previous winters.

Syria Feedback

How do I give?

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One of the ways we are helping this winter, is through the gift of winter kits. You can be a part of bringing hope to children in refugee camps by giving towards our Syrian refugee appeal. A winter kit for one child costs HK$150 and includes:

  • Winter jacket
  • Winter shoes
  • Jeans
  • Socks and underwear
  • Vests
  • Hats, gloves and scarves
  • Milk powder
  • School supplies

Poverty Pocket in East Amman distributions (1)

Fatima was forced to flee, when she was just 10 years old. Her home in Syria was no longer safe, and with her three older brothers, and mother, they found refuge in a town in Azraq, in the east of Jordan. Finally finding safety, the stress was not over for this 10 year old girl.

In a town, where the population has almost doubled in the past three years, there are simply not enough resources, to support the influx of 8,000 Syrian refugees. Her family lived together in a makeshift shelter and Fatima was unable to attend school. Proud to show her school certificates from Syria, the lack of space and stretched resources in Azraq meant, she would not be able to enrol. After a few months, Fatima began suffering from depression, anxiety and even her hair started to fall out!

With an estimated 3 out of 5 children, out of school, our partner NGOs made a plan. Working with Syrian refugees in Jordan, they soon established a ‘catch-up school’ to help children, like Fatima, get back to school again. Through the generosity of Hong Kong, Crossroads was able to support the school with backpacks and crucial school supplies, to 972 children in the region.

Since joining this school, Fatima, soon bounced back to her lively self and thankfully, so did her hair!