REFUGEE CRISIS: Impact at the grassroots

In the massive global discussion surrounding refugees, one desperate reality seems rarely mentioned. While much is made of the movement of refugees in places such as Western Europe and the UK, a far higher proportion is being absorbed by fragile states and under-resourced nations. One of the largest camps in the world this year, for example, is housing South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda: a region where people, at the grassroots, were already struggling.

Not so long ago, that part of Uganda endured a 20 year civil war which left the area devastated. Education and medical provision are extremely weak. Jobs are few and far between, with some areas citing formal employment as low as 1%. Sheer, unmittigating poverty holds this area in its grip. With what, then, are they to absorb the constant stream of refugees pouring over their border?

NUTRITION: A simple meal of corn flour and water is the staple for many. It offers very limited nutrition

WOMEN & CHILDREN: The refugees in Northern Uganda are largely women and children. The men have either been killed in the conflict, or are still in South Sudan caught up in the fighting


MEDICAL CARE: The life of this little child is at risk because of malaria. Medication is available in these area, but is not accessible for these refugees.

HUNGER: The food provided for refugees, monthly, lasts for only two of the four weeks. They also grow what they can, but their plots of land are small and they cant manage on the yielded crops. Malnutrition remains high.


SHELTER is a major challenge as the number of refugees continues to increase.

FUEL: Firewood sounds like a simple enough requirement, but it comes at a cost to both the refugees and the Ugandan residents whose own supplies are limited.

FUTURE? There is hope in this little refugees cheeky face, but one has to wonder what future life holds for him.

Malcolm Begbie, Crossroads’ Co-founder and Director, along with Crossroads’ Global Village UK Manager, Natalya Kan, visited Northern Uganda, this year, where we had sent 2 x 40’ containers to support refugees in need.

Malcolm Begbie visits a school project

Natalya Kan with community leader, Katherine Okello

SOLAR LIGHTS Crossroads partnered with solar company, d.light, to give solar lights to refugees in this area.


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