For HK$200, you can give a ‘box’ that will contribute towards the cost of an international shipment. The goods we send are worth at least 9 times the cost of shipping. That means your $200 box would be sending goods worth up to $1,800 to help people in need locally or around the world.

If you buy this as a gift for someone, we will organise a card for that person and send you a voucher for our Fair Trade Café.

Donations of HK$100 or above a tax deductible in Hong Kong.

Receive a café voucher!

Buy any gift worth $200 or over and we will send you a voucher for our Fair Trade  Café. You can pass it on or enjoy it yourself.

What kind of people will this help?

Tende Ogul lives in a very remote area in Papua New Guinea. From the nearest road it takes an astonishing 30 days of walking ten kilometres a day to reach his little village. This didn’t stop this community leader coming to the office of our partner. As he spoke his words, he was already in tears. He said he had a dream for a primary school for his village. However, he is getting old and he may not see his dream realised. After hearing his story, our partner applied with the Provincial Government for the Primary School to be approved. After six months, Kondipi Primary School was given the approval. Ogul had waited 15 years for his dream to be realised.  A new double story classroom was built. But it did not end there. An access road was also built by a volunteer service.  120 children now attend Kondipi Primary School.  Our partner supports the children by paying their school fees and providing them with materials.

Crossroads shipment will help this NGO to furnish more schools and to provide many more children with the materials they need to study.

Your support will go to people in need, like this group, to help see lives changed. Thank you!