Give a gift that gives twice! Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get organised with the Christmas shopping! It will be a gift for your recipient, but also a gift for the person who made it. Fair trade gives a fair return to people battling poverty! Book a fair trade shopping expedition at Global Handicrafts and you will have an opportunity to shop from our wide range of gifts and decorations, hear about Crossroads.

Book for a group of 12 or more and each of your guests will receive a free Christmas ornament!

Email us at to book. We have flexible opening hours for groups.

What kind of people will this help?

When female unemployment in Zimbabwe was at 97%, a bunch of smart women got together and created a knitting cooperative. Knitting, they explained, is easy and can be done anywhere! They called their group Gogo Olive: ‘Gogo’ means ‘granny’ and the olive branch represents peace: something sorely needed in their nation.

They knit stuffed animal toys which are as funky as their name and call them ‘shamwari’, which means ‘friends.’ These little creatures are among the best sellers in our Global Handicrafts’ shop.

Your support will go to people in need, like this group, to help see lives changed. Thank you!