Cameroon: Vocational Training in Rural Communities


The village of Eyangntui in Cameroon is one of the most remote and disadvantaged communities in the region. People make a living through small-scale farming or petty trading, and young people grow up feeling they have little hope of rising out of poverty.

“Before the shipment, we lacked school chairs, desks, office furniture and stationary items. We were unable to supply relief items to communities in crises.”  – NGO staff

We shipped to an NGO in Cameroon, staffed by local people seeking to invest in their region’s youth. They run vocational training with courses like computer skills and tailoring, and they offer health services to communities like Eyangntui that lack formal health clinics. The shipment arrived in 2013, but now, several years later, we have received further feedback from our partners showing the longer-term impact that this capital investment of goods has made.

The container arrives in rural Cameroon, loaded with furniture, clothes, stationery, wheelchairs and other supplies.


In communities with high unemployment, young people are desperate for training in job skills. School furniture, AV equipment, office furniture and stationery have equipped this vocational training centre so that 50 new students each year can access life-changing skills and support to find work. 


“Now, our vocational training centre has chairs and desks, our library has good books, orphans, widows and families in need received relief items from the shipment.”

“The school furniture has helped us to accommodate 50 new students each year in our vocational training centre,” they wrote. Clothing and household goods were an immense help to people struggling without basic essentials. “1,500 people have received items for personal and household use, and now we have carried out football for social change programs which changed the lives of 4,000 people.”

Wheelchairs from the shipment helped several people with disabilities find mobility for the first time, and goods for school students have also helped keep children in school. “Our outreach provided 200 orphans and vulnerable children with school needs such as school bags, stationary items which enable them to attend school and function effectively in class,” they wrote.

Medical supplies such as first aid kits and mattresses were gratefully received, with some items never seen before in their communities. Thank you for helping us to invest in the health and future of communities in Cameroon.

Members of the village women’s association work tirelessly to improve life for their children and their village community, but they do so with very few resources. “They lacked good bags,” wrote staff. “They didn’t have durable cooking utensils, and they didn’t have stationery for their correspondence. The shipment from Crossroads provided some of these much-needed items, thanks to donations of goods from Hong Kong partners.

“Through the shipment our humanitarian outreach provided 200 orphans and vulnerable children with school needs such as school bags and stationery items which enabled them to attend school and function effectively in class.” – NGO staff

Reference No. : S3317

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