This cut out process works surprisingly well for us and the cardboard stencils have lasted for many weeks, enabling us to make loads.

  • We found it handy to use a Stanley knife, but, if you don’t have one, just be sure to use a sharp knife.
  • The mixture feels a bit sticky as you cut it. That’s why we recommend using a cake server or egg slice. It is meant to be sticky though and cooks just fine.
  • Our main recipe is designed to hold its shape so don’t worry about it puffing up or expanding. It’s a recipe that works without raising agents. You can also try leaving them out of the other recipes, too, if you’re keen for a shape not to change.
  • If you have young kids, the best part of the process to invite them into is the decorating. These knives and/or scissors are sharp!
  • If you already have cookie cutters that will do this job, there’s of course no need to follow our process! Just have a wonderful time, bake what you enjoy and do remember those in Eastern Europe, ‘specially Moldova, this Christmas.

The Icing on the Cookie!