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Donate goods

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Crossroads takes high quality goods which Hong Kong no longer wants and redistributes them to people in need.


We are currently in great need of small household appliances such as rice cookers and microwaves for needy families in Hong Kong!

Donate Goods

If you are in Hong Kong, you can donate goods now using our online donation form

Collection drives

If you'd like your school or corporate/community group to organise a collection drive of goods that Crossroads needs,  like stationery, disaster kits, bedding, etc, click here for more information.

One humanitarian worker said:

"Sometimes when we receive aid, we don't know whether to throw it out right away, or try to fix it... But the shipment that came from Hong Kong was incredible! We couldn't unload it fast enough."

Such comments are a credit to the manufacturers, businesses, institutes and families in the Hong Kong community who have donated such quality items so generously.

How do we receive?

Any way we can! Goods can be picked up, dropped off or delivered.

  • Due to the large quantity of pick up requests, there can be a long waiting list for this service.
  • To facilitate the processing and the receipt of goods by those who need them, please consider bringing your goods to us (drop off), or having them delivered.

What do we receive?

Donated items in good condition.

  • We wish to distribute quality items that not only meet needs but indicate the importance of the recipient.
  • We do not have the personnel needed to fix broken goods so we ask that donations be in as good a condition as possible.
  • On occasion, we have an overabundance of some items and, necessarily, need to place a hold on collections while we process the existing goods.
  • Sadly, there are some items which we cannot distribute due to reasons of fragility, size, health, or other constraints. We, therefore, have placed a hold on some of the items listed below until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding in these matters.

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